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Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman battle in ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’

The Game: For reasons as yet unclear, the heroes and villains of the DC Comics universe — including Superman, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Solomon Grundy — are brawling one-on-one Mortal Kombat-style in this new twist on the superhero mythos from the makers of, whaddaya know, Mortal Kombat. (Out 2013, for PS3, Xbox 360, and [...]

Devil May Cry

The Game: Like Tomb Raider, this is an origin-story reboot that stars a considerably younger Dante. Once again, Dante — the child of a demon father and human mother — is out killing demons and other gruesome monstrosities. But this time he’s doing so in Limbo City, a distorted mirror image of our own world. The player’s [...]

Evil Is Back

The legendary click-fest that is Diablo is back with its third iteration after a 12-year absence. Diablo III retains the same hack-and-slash, action role-playing gameplay of its predecessors. There are 5 character classes to choose from, Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk and Demon Hunter. Unlike in Diablo II, where each class has a fixed gender, [...]

‘Tomb Raider’ hits its target

The Game: This is an origin-story reboot for the adventure-seeking archaeologist Lara Croft. Fresh out of college, our 21-year-old heroine boards a ship called the Endurance to “make her mark” in the world. But the ship is destroyed in a storm, stranding Lara and her colleagues on a tropical island near Japan. And like any good tropical island [...]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The Game: You’ve heard of Call of Duty? Powerhouse videogame franchise? Burgeoning national pastime? Excuse for foulmouthed 12-year-olds and a significant number of men to spend hours screaming at a TV screen? Right, so take that and add robots. (Available on Nov. 30 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC) What We Saw: First, we saw a level from the Black [...]

‘Diablo III’ sets HIGH sales record

Can’t stop playing Diablo III? You and pretty much everyone else who plays computer games. Blizzard Entertainment says the long-awaited RPG click-fest has set a record as the fastest-selling PC game of all time. Figuring out exactly how many copies the developer sold, though, gets a little complicated. In the first 24 hours, the game sold [...]

This video game will cost you USD1,300 (RM 3,971)

Resident Evil 6 premium edition – comes with…a leather jacket in Japan Well, we know Japanese are serious about their gaming. This is a fact for decades. Hence, a lot of Japanese release video games comes with special editions like models, art books and other unique collectibles which is priced, sometimes, few hundreds USD. For [...]