GooPhone I5, iPhone 5 Knockoff, Already On Sale In China (VIDEO)

GooPhone i5
The highly anticipated iPhone 5 may already be facing competition in China — and it hasn’t even been released to the public yet. Recently founded GooPhone unveiled its phone in late August, according to GizChina, and it looks an awful lot like the leaked images of the iPhone 5 that have been circulating around the Web. The GooPhone [...]

Joke of the day – 08th August 2012

And we don’t mind too 

Quote of the day

Quote for the day

Have you been procrastinating? Stop Procrastinating! Here’s some tips

Got a project you’d rather avoid? Why not check every email you’ve ever received first? And surely those saucepans could do with a polish? Procrastination may be a great tool for emptying the fridge, but sadly, won’t do much for your small business – or your state of mind. “Once you actually start doing something [...]

Our favourite DIY

Here are some of the favourite D.I.Y we love.. DIY Chocolate party servings, kids would luvvv it!     Got some empty alcohol lying around at home? Why not try this? DIY Birthday Card for someone special I’m sure you’ll find some paper clip for some garden deco Economical & user-friendly! LADIES: I could always [...]