Evil Is Back

The legendary click-fest that is Diablo is back with its third iteration after a 12-year absence. Diablo III retains the same hack-and-slash, action role-playing gameplay of its predecessors. There are 5 character classes to choose from, Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Monk and Demon Hunter. Unlike in Diablo II, where each class has a fixed gender, [...]

The Galaxy S3 is the best-in-class smartphone in the world?

Samsung pointed out that while the screen is 22 per cent larger than the previous S2, the ‘bezel’ around it has been slimmed down, so that the gadget is barely bigger than its predecessor. The gadget will launch on May 29 in Europe, and in 10 other cities worldwide including Tokyo and Dubai. The gadget [...]

The new iPad is called ‘the new iPad’

The New iPad
The yearly refresh of the ubiquitous Apple tablet is upon us. It’s not called iPad 3 or iPad HD as speculated but christened as “the new iPad”. Not sure if Steve Jobs would approve but it is what it is. The main upgrade this time round is the new “Retina Display” screen with an eye-popping resolution of [...]

This video game will cost you USD1,300 (RM 3,971)

Resident Evil 6 premium edition – comes with…a leather jacket in Japan Well, we know Japanese are serious about their gaming. This is a fact for decades. Hence, a lot of Japanese release video games comes with special editions like models, art books and other unique collectibles which is priced, sometimes, few hundreds USD. For [...]

Rumor: Apple Tapping Nvidia for Newest MacBook Pros

The drooliest MacBook Pros are around the corner, so we hear, and they’re going to be pretty swanky! And here’s a nice cherry on top: the Pro models will have Nvidia’s newest, fastest graphics. The Verge cites Verge alumna Joanna Stern alongside an anonymous “a trusted source” who says the new MBP fleet will “feature Nvidia graphics alongside [...]

BlackBerry 10 phone release date pegged for October

At its BlackBerry World event in Orlando today, RIM pulled the wraps off BlackBerry 10, a thoroughly-revamped platform based on QNX that the company is hoping will bring it back into contention. Though it’s been talking about BlackBerry 10 since last year (when it was known as BBX), this is the first time that RIM [...]

Can’t afford a McLaren F1? Build one

This man from Poland does not off by the fact he can’t afford a McLaren F1. So, he built it in his own garage from scratch. Netizens who shared his photos said, “This guys just proves that you don’t have to be rich to own a McLaren. And he did a pretty good job! The [...]