Welfare-cum-Exigency Fund for Tun Abdul Razak Student


The University has set up a Welfare-cum-Exigency Fund called the “Dana Ehsan” to assist students from very poor families who face difficulties in supporting themselves while studying. The fund is also meant to offer students who seek immediate relief aids in certain emergency circumstances. A special committee chaired by the President of the University has been set up to oversee the collection and disbursement of this fund and to ensure that the welfare of all needy students are attended to.

The size of the fund is quite limited and is made available through donations from the University’s staff and the generosity of individuals and various organisations. This fund has also received contributions of Zakat payments (or “tithe”) from private companies for direct disbursements to needy students who qualify for Zakat.

For further information please contact :

Tel. : +603-7627 7952
Fax : +603-7627 7475
E-mail :lynn_1@unirazak.edu.my

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