Snatch thief strikes in women’s toilet


PETALING JAYA: Another woman was almost a victim of a crime in a shopping mall when she nearly had her bag snatched inside the toilet.

College student Sylvia Chew wrote on her Facebook page recently that she was in a toilet cubicle and placed her handbag on the ledge on top of the toilet cistern when she saw an arm snake in from the next cubicle and grab her bag.

She had noticed a man in his early 30s lingering in front of the washroom in Sunway Pyramid at about 5.35pm on Monday.

Chew said she screamed when he snatched her bag and ran out to chase him.

“He was scared so he dropped my bag on the floor and ran away,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Together with several other shoppers, she attempted to chase the thief but he managed to escape in the stairwell.

She reported the incident to the concierge almost immediately.

The shopping mall’s marketing director Phang Sau Lian confirmed the incident and said the suspect’s image was captured on the CCTV outside the washroom.

“We saw the video of him running out of the toilet. We have circulated the image to all our security posts inside the mall,” she said.

Although Chew did not want to lodge a police report as there were no loss or injury, the mall management had notified the police and forwarded them the CCTV image.

Phang said they would send out the images to the Malaysian Association for Shopping and Highrise Complex Management for circulation to other malls.