Colour Rush in the newspapers Sunday Feb 24

Runners get a ‘Colour Rush’

by Georgette Tan, Posted on February 24, 2013, Sunday

LET’S RUN: (From left) Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association president Datuk Patrick Liew and SCCS president Rizal Sahari flag off the runners. — Photos by Mohd Rais SanusiLET’S RUN: (From left) Sarawak Lawn Tennis Association president Datuk Patrick Liew and SCCS president Rizal Sahari flag off the runners. — Photos by Mohd Rais Sanusi

KUCHING: Regular marathon runners can agree on one thing when it comes to ‘The Colour Rush’ – it was unheard of for people to party and dance after running 5km.

It was equally unheard of for runners to be covered head to toe in a rainbow of colours, having arrived in the standard issue pristine white shirt, which rapidly became a mess of colours once the powder colour bombs were distributed.

“It’s more colourful than the usual run!” said sales executive Alex Liew, 35, who described the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) event as reminiscent of the Songkran Festival (Thailand Water Festival), except with less water.

Liew was encouraged by the number of people who filled LePark (formerly known as the Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre – KIRC) at 7am yesterday, and how many stayed back to have fun with their friends after the run was over and medals presented.

“It’s good to see people participating. I hope this will increase the level of awareness for running and start a ‘run revolution’ here,” he said.

BOMBS AWAY: Runners let loose packets of coloured powder before the run.BOMBS AWAY: Runners let loose packets of coloured powder before the run.

He also pointed out that there is a need to have more parks and fewer shopping centres.

“Health issues like diabetes are becoming a big problem, but we’re not seeing enough facilities being provided to counteract that. We need more places like the KIRC or like Central Park in New York, a safe place to exercise and have activities.”

Lawyer Desmond Sahathevan, 36, added that every dense housing area should have a comprehensive recreational area.

“Even with no parks, the sidewalks need to be improved, with proper pavements suitable for running,” he said, pointing out that some sidewalks in some areas end midway and force pedestrians or runners to use the edge of the road.

MOOD CHANGER: ‘The Colour Rush’ runners covered in coloured powder.MOOD CHANGER: ‘The Colour Rush’ runners covered in coloured powder.

Desmond, who has run his share of marathons and half marathons, said the concept of ‘The Colour Rush’ was something new and the colour seemed to make everyone happy.

“There’s people there dancing after a run. That’s something new, but good to see,” he told thesundaypost.

SCCS public relations head Rodney Wong said they set a target of 500 runners, but on the eve of the race, the numbers peaked at 1,200, with drop-ins signing up on the morning itself.

“‘The Colour Rush’ is a significant event to mark International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) 2013, traditionally held throughout the world in February. In Sarawak, there is a new case of childhood cancer every week. We hope through this event, we can help to highlight childhood cancer to the general public.”

He added that ‘The Colour Rush’, inspired by a similar event held in America and Australia, is the first of its kind to be held in East Malaysia and believed it could also be the first in the country.

“This is a growing phenomenon throughout the world – bringing people together for a good cause and at the same time, have a healthy run. Or some of you, like myself, may choose to walk,” he said.

Pharmacist Stephanie Chan, 36, chose to run, dashing her way into fifth place in the women’s top 10.

“I was really trying to beat my personal best,” she said, after declaring her love for running.

Already confirmed to join two other runs this year, Chan said there is a difference in running for a half or full marathon, so she is training whenever she can.

“For this run, I only wish we could have seen more of the children we were running for.”

Her husband Justin Kho, 36, also agreed that they were running for a good cause.

“This one is particularly interesting because of all the colours. In the usual races, the most colourful part are the shoes. In this one, the colour changed the mood instantly,” he said.

Justin Kho and Stephanie ChanJustin Kho and Stephanie Chan

Alex Liew and Desmond SahathevanAlex Liew and Desmond Sahathevan


Source: The Borneo Post