Monster Dash Charity Run

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Event Overview

Monster Dash Charity Run themed around the Halloween Celebration which is around the corner. It will be a fun-filled run with characters of zombies and monsters to “scare” the participants while on the run. It is a 5km run distance around the city centre starting and ending at Le’ Park (behind Civic Centre).

Date : 26th October 2013 (Saturday) Time : 7.00pm flag off
Venue : Le’ Park (Behind Civic Centre)

Monster Dash Charity Run is a 5km fun run that aim to raise fund for 2 charitable associations, namely:

1. Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS) and
2. The Society for Critically Sick Kids (S.O.S. Kids)

“Monster Dash Charity Run” is aim to create social awareness especially amongst the youth and general public on different diseases in our community and also to promote caring and charitable heart amongst the youth and general public. Apart from that, the run also promote healthy lifestyle and community fellowship.

Registration fee:   Men/Women (5km)  : RM35.00 


Closing Date: 5pm 13th October 2012 (Monday)

Registration form is available: 

  1. Online registration:


Race Pack Collection:

* 1500 on 1st come 1st serve basis from REGISTRATION DATE.

Venue: Le’ Park (Formerly known as Kuching Integrated RecreaPonal Centre -­‐ behind Civic Center)

Time : 10-­‐12 noon, 2-­‐5pm (Friday, 25/10/2013) : 10-­‐12 noon (Saturday, 26/10/2013)