PTPTN Study Loans

PTPTN Study Loans Scheme

The PTPTN Education Loan Scheme was set up to provide education loans to students pursuing their studies in IPTA or IPTS. This PTPTN study loan will enable students to fully or partially pay their fees and their subsistence for the duration of their study in the IPT. Thus, this scheme provides greater opportunities to students to continue their tertiary education.

PTPTN education loan facility is open to students pursuing studies at the level of diploma, first degree, master, doctorate and professional courses levels in IPTA or IPTS established.

Starting March 1st, 2007, students pursuing long distance or part-time studies in IPT’s at the diploma, first degree, master, doctorate and professional courses levels are eligible to receive PTPTN education loan.

Terms Of PTPTN Study Loans

Students are eligible to apply for education loans if they fulfil the following conditions:

* Malaysian citizens;

* Not exceeding 45 years of age on date of application;

* Passed Malaysia Certificate of Education (SPM) with credits in any 3 subjects;

* Passed SPM for Community College Certificate and Polytechnic Diploma graduates with CGPA 3.0 and above;

* IPTA/IPTS/Polytechnic students must register to pursue courses approved by the IPT Management Department (IPTA/IPTS)/Polytechnic Management Department and Community College of the Ministry of Higher Education;

* IPTS students must obtained the Accreditation Certificate from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The course and Accreditation Certificate approval period must still be valid on the date of application;

* All students must possess entry requirements determined by the Ministry of Higher Education to pursue the course. For students with qualifications that differ from that stipulated, verification that the said qualification is equivalent to the required qualification must be obtained from departments or agencies specified as above;

* The remaining period of study upon application must exceed one year;

* PTPTN loans require two (2) guarantors that must consist of biological father and mother of student regardless of the parents age and income;

* *From 18th May 2009 onwards, SSPN saving terms for PTPTN loans application will be discontinued;

* Have no other sponsor; and

* Loan overall total must not exceed RM65,000.00

PTPTN Study Loan Offer

The education loan offer will be awarded if the applicant fulfils the conditions and meets the specified loan application procedure.

A second loan offer will only be considered if an applicant meets the following requirements:
* Meets conditions and PTPTN Study Loans application procedure
* Students who received education loans for their previous studies but failed to complete their studies or received other forms of sponsorship can apply for a second loan to continue their studies after the first loan has been duly settled.
* Students who were offered education loans and successfully completed their previous studies can apply for loans to further their education. Applications for the same level of education will not be considered.
* Consideration for the second loan is subject to availability of funds.
The approval for the loan period will be based on the current semester, i.e. when the complete application is received by PTPTN.

The PTPTN Study Loans offer is valid for only 1 month from the date of approval. Should the loan agreement not be completed within this period, the offer will be cancelled.

The PTPTN Study Loans agreement will be deemed complete only if the document is sealed with a revenue stamp. Please ensure you obtain two revenue stamps of RM10 each to be affixed on the document.

The loan offer will be cancelled or withdrawn in the event of a mistake or falsification of information in the offer.

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