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Laptops have become a necessity in the classroom setting with online classes, e-textbooks, databases and of course, the internet loaded with an endless bounty of knowledge. However, for a unemployed university student, laptops can be a hefty investment. Typically, schools will provide subsidies and grants for students to help ease the financial burden on such expensive tools. But such grants are only accorded to a limited few and unfortunately, most students end up having to pay the full amount for a first-hand laptop. Thankfully, gone are the days where you’d have to sit through hard-sell pitches by salesmen, trying to convince you to get laptops not necessarily within your means or suitable for your needs. The Internet is an amazing resource where you can get all the information you need on deciding on the best and cheapest laptop for your university life.


Interestingly, the Apple versus Windows dilemma is quite a common issue in a student’s search for a laptop. MacBooks are usually smoother than Windows laptops, but lack the breadth of Windows applications. The question is – whether you value reliability over the choice of applications available. Price wise, the lowest-end Apple MacBook Airs are still pretty affordable, though more expensive than a similarly equipped Windows ultrabook. Both however, are sufficiently capable for study, research and production purposes.


If you opt for Windows, the recommended brand to go for would be Lenovo. Not only do they offer attractive discounts through countless of online outlets, like many other China-based companies, offer high capability products, at competitive prices.


Online stores, like Lazada, are by far one of the best outlets to get them, with its regular promotions and deals. A midrange offering like the Lenovo G50-80 is perfect for the student, and comes cheap at only RM 1,735. Students can also make use of credit card rebates and also cashback sites, like ShopBack, to get cash rebates on their laptop orders.

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Brands like Sony, HP, Dell, ASUS and Acer also offer decent and affordable Windows ultrabooks. With so many models available, a good tool to compare prices and specifications is PricePanda. Another great price and deal comparing site is Mudah. Browse through the extensive collection of used-and-new third-party community classifieds and first-party manufacturer deals, with its ultra-smooth interface.


TIP: Remember to delete your browser cookies and refresh, as some sites increase the prices with every subsequent visit.


However, if you like the sleek design and interface that Apple has to offer, thankfully, it has taken steps to keep its laptops affordable and attractive to students. It provides ‘Education’ pricing, with discounts and also installment plans made available to students.

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Another tip to getting cheap and affordable laptops is using freight forwarding. Sometimes, laptop prices on popular sites like Amazon can be really lower than local online shops and physical stores. Certain refurbished laptops and Chromebooks can cost nothing more than RM 1,000 on Amazon. Utilise freight forwarders like Worldgate Malaysia, so they can send your laptop purchase to you from the United States, to Malaysia.


Starting off your school term soon? You will have no problems getting up and running as soon as possible if you follow these tips. The benefits of learning and productivity from your new computer will all be worth it!

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