This video game will cost you USD1,300 (RM 3,971)


Resident Evil 6 premium edition – comes with…a leather jacket in Japan

Well, we know Japanese are serious about their gaming. This is a fact for decades. Hence, a lot of Japanese release video games comes with special editions like models, art books and other unique collectibles which is priced, sometimes, few hundreds USD. For the latest Resident Evil game, Capcom has put a premium price for the “premium edition” costing… *pause* USD1,300 (RM3,971)…hold it… for a leather jacket…

It will be released in Japan on October 4, the Resident Evil 6 (called Biohazed 6 in Japan) premium edition which includes a leather jacket worned by series protagonist and famous Leon S. Kennedy. Also included in this edition are tablet covers featuring artwork of the 3 male leads – Leon, Chris and Jacke plus a forth secret design. The premium edition also includes the game, which can be purchased separately at a more “affordable” cost of USD99 (RM302).

Source: Tecca