About Us

Ouryouth.my is a semi-voluntary web portal project initiated by Conqueror’s Vision Sdn Bhd. The company Director is Dato Patrick C.J. Liew, a person who is a very active in NGO activities and passionate about volunteerism spirit. He wishes to share his social, corporate and government working experiences – making Sarawak a better place to live and put more light in the tunnel for our Youth’s future.

Through this portal, we want to bridge the link between the Youths, NGOs, government agencies and corporate sectors. Through the corporation of all relevant sectors, we want to create a portal where we can inculcate sharing of knowledge, information, leadership building and training, lifestyle, sport, healthy activities, a venue to voice Youth’s opinion and also executing ideas.

We believe in win-win formula so that to achieve goals which can benefit the youths, the greater society as a whole and the progress of the state and country.

We will also assist in terms of seeking sponsorships, getting approvals from the authorities and other ways to make their events and activities successful and beneficial to our youth, our future.

Together, we work towards creating programmes, activities and opportunities for the development of the Youths. Let their voices heard, their participation needed, and make them feel important part of our nation.



-          Maximize web-based technologies

-          Build an enlarge positive Youth community based activities

-          Converge various community under one portal

-          Reach out to our Youth voices

-          Provide necessary assistance to enhance Youth’s creativity and innovations



To serve as a platform for knowledge resources sharing and communication amongst YOUTH.

-          Designed and programmed to provide and share information

-          Developed to encourage active participation and interaction

-          Equipped with Youth news, events, links and scholarship information

-          Injected by the introduction of a new Youth community

-          Supported and encouraged for event hosting in Kuching Integrated Recreational Centre (KIRC)

-          Building future career prospect and potential